R060 (LOEWE)001 Woman Perfume Sample 正品罗意威事后清晨 女 小样香水
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  • 灵感来自男女第一次亲密接触之后,一起甜蜜共度早晨的感觉,是一种纯情欢愉及懵懂的允诺,所以被叫做事后香水。
  • loewe001清晨香水是木调香水,分为LOEWE001Woman女性香水以及LOEWE001Man男性香水,适合浪漫甜蜜的约会使用,营造美妙浪漫的氛围。
  • 前调比较甜蜜,清新的甜蜜重有点奶香气,而蜜橘、香草和胡椒的混合掩盖了檀香,茉莉花香在中调隐约出现,一直到后调前,才闻到,香气走到后调就有些淡化,有一种若即若离的朦胧感,又带有一丝恋爱中甜甜的感觉。
  • 规格:10ml
  • 香水持久性2-3小时


  • Inspired by the feeling of spending the morning together sweetly after the first intimate contact between a man and a woman, it is a kind of pure joy and ignorant promise, so it is called the perfume afterwards.
  • loewe001 early morning perfume is a woody perfume, divided into LOEWE001Woman female perfume as well as LOEWE001Man male perfume, suitable for romantic and sweet dating use, to create a wonderful romantic atmosphere.
  • The top notes are relatively sweet, fresh and sweet heavy with a bit of creamy aroma, while the mix of honey orange, vanilla and pepper overshadowed the sandalwood, jasmine floral fragrance in the mid-tones vaguely appear, until the back notes before the smell, the fragrance goes to the back notes are somewhat faded, there is a kind of if hazy feeling, and with a touch of sweet feeling in love.
  • Specification: 10ml
  • Perfume longevity 2-3 hours