R061 LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM 正品圣罗兰自由之水小样香水
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  • 首款將薰衣草香調,融入聖羅蘭先生摯愛的橙花,勾勒出茉莉的大方優雅和麝香的溫潤悠遠, 打造屬於當代女性的「清新性感薰苔調」, 展現YSL女人敢愛敢奔放性感魅力
  • 前调:橙花 柑橘
  • 中调:橙花 薰衣草
  • 后调:马达加斯加香草 龙涎香
  • 规格:10ml
  • 香水持久性2-3小时


  • The first lavender scent blended with the orange blossoms that Mr. Saint Laurent loves, outlines the graceful elegance of jasmine and the warmth of musk, creating a "fresh and sexy scent of moss" belonging to contemporary women, showing YSL women's daring, unrestrained and sexy charm
  • Top note: orange blossom citrus
  • Middle notes: orange blossom lavender
  • Base note: Madagascar vanilla and ambergris
  • Specification: 10ml
  • Perfume longevity 2-3 hours